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Insulating Gasket for Flange Sealing and Isolating

Insulating Gasket for Flange Sealing and Isolating

Product name:Insulating Gasket for Flange Sealing and Isolating



Tseal insulating gaskets use G10 or G11 epoxy glass as retainer, and use two seal elements overlapping and offsetting into two unique seal grooves, thus, the seal elements can be sealed without outside pressure. This can eliminate potential leak in the laminate material, and increases the choice of seal elements. 
This kind of insulating gasket not only can use Viton, EPDM, neoprene as seal elements, but also can use Teflon with a spring energized, which can increase the resilience of Teflon and increase the whole gasket’s sealing performance. 
Because of Teflon’s excellent corrosion resistance and temperature resistance, spring-energized Teflon is the most reliable sealing element, and this kind of isolating gasket is recommended for all environments. 
Tseal insulating gaskets could be used for ASME flange of CL150 to CL1500 and API flange of 5000psi.

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